Recipes with Sea Salt
Recipe Brief Description
Blueberry Corn Bread Blueberries give this cornbread a sweet twist you'll be sure to love.
Broccoli with Squash Sauce The color contrast of the dark green broccoli and rich orange squash makes a wonderful presentation.
Broccoli'n Bean Pasta Salad A perfect pasta salad than can be enjoyed chilled or warm. Serve on a bed of crisp organic greens and enjoy.
Chicken Breasts with Apricot Sauce Quick, easy and delicious, what more could you ask for?
Curried Lentil Soup Similar ingredients, but different seasonings make this a completely different soup.
Glazed Sweet Potatoes A healthy holiday treat full of fiber and antioxidants.
Holiday Spice Cake Just the aroma of this cake while it bakes will have you ready for the Holidays.
Lentil Pate A tasty spread for crackers or bread.
Oven French Fries These are wonderful, and they have so much less fat than the deep-fried ones.
Red Cabbage and Soba Noodles A delicious blend of flavors for red cabbage.
Rice Bran Muffins Offer these as a healthy breakfast option. They are dense, moist and not too sweet.
Rice Pilaf with Lentils I have tried making this pilaf by cooking the rice and lentils together, but I prefer the flavor when they are cooked separately and then combined.
Savory Lentil Spread Quick cooking red lentils make this bean dip easy to do.
Shrimp Fried Quinoa Replacing traditional rice with Quinoa makes this stir-fry so special.
Spaghetti Squash Toss The lemon sauce is also great for broccoli or pasta.
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