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Acacia/Drug Interactions:
  • AmoxicillinAmoxicillin: Acacia may affect the absorption of amoxicillin when taken concurrently; doses should be separated by at least four hours (50).
  • Anticancer drugsAnticancer drugs: Use of acacia as a surfactant may increase the intestinal absorption of some anticancer drugs through P-glycoprotein (P-gp) inhibition and thus improve drug bioavailability for P-gp substrate (54).
  • Ethanol (alcohol)Ethanol (alcohol): Mixing acacia with a substance containing more than 50% concentration of ethyl alcohol may cause acacia to become insoluble.
  • IronIron: Acacia can be gelatinized by solutions of ferric iron salts.
  • Oral drugsOral drugs: Theoretically, the fiber in acacia may impair the absorption of oral drugs.

Acacia/Herb/Supplement Interactions:
  • Oral herbs and supplementsOral herbs and supplements: Theoretically, the fiber in acacia may impair the absorption of oral herbs and supplements.
  • Tannin-containing herbs and supplementsTannin-containing herbs and supplements: Theoretically, tannins from Acacia catechu L. plant may contribute to oral and esophageal cancer when combined with other substances that also contain high amounts of tannins (53).

Acacia/Food Interactions:
  • Alcohol or alcoholic solutionAlcohol or alcoholic solution: Acacia gum used with alcohol or alcoholic solution may precipitate from suspensions.

Acacia/Lab Interactions:
  • Insufficient available evidence.

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