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Weightless® tea is an herbal tea used for the relief of occasional temporary water weight gain as well as common and mild edema that may be associated with the menstrual cycle. The use of Weightless® for the relief of occasional temporary water weight gain is based on the traditional European use of “bladder and kidney” herbal teas that contain uva ursi leaf with fennel fruit or parsley leaf with other complementary herbs. Weightless® tea has a pleasantly aromatic balance of sweet and sour herbal tastes with citrus notes.

Weightless Tea is a safe, all natural and good tasting herbal tea that may be particularly enjoyed by dieters. It is wise to increase your liquid intake while dieting and Weightless Tea is a satisfying way to do this. As part of a calorie controlled diet and exercise program, this healthful beverage is a refreshing addition to your diet program. Enjoy a cup before meals and in-between. Nature's fulfillment each season keeps us in rhythm with the cycles of life. Red clover blooms throughout the summer months and is a rich source of nectar for bees. It is often planted as an agricultural cover crop to enrich the soil. As an herbal beverage, its safe use spans many cultures. The fragrant, edible flowers make a lovely tea. The natural pharmacy of plants. We sense the return to perfect medicine will be found in nature...where it all the simple and wondrous workings of the natural pharmacy of plants. We have combined the precise species of these herbal plants, as well as their correct parts- flowers, leaf, stem, or root - to the make our teas to the most exacting standards of purity, potency and efficacy. There is a vast and growing interest in natural remedies as alternative medicine. Medicinal teas made from herbs with specific properties are among the most popular of these natural alternatives. Traditional Medicinals' herb teas provide a full range of refreshing, easy solutions to many of life's discomforts and health needs. They are safe, convenient, easy to take, all natural alternatives that helps bring your life closer to nature. We invite you to try them and we wish you good health.
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16 bag
organic bitter fennel fruit [PhEur]** 360 mg, uva ursi leaf [PhEur]** 135 mg, cleavers herb [BHP]** 75 mg, red clover blossom [BHP]** 75 mg, organic parsley leaf [BHP]** 52.5 mg, buchu leaf [PhFr]** 7.5 mg. Proprietary blend: organic hibiscus flower [PhEur]**, organic West Indian lemongrass leaf, organic flax seed [PhEur]**, organic lemon verbena leaf [PhFr]**, organic spearmint leaf [PhFr]**, organic stevia leaf. **Quality standards
Does Not Contain
Stimulants, Laxatives, Caffeine, Gluten.
Cautions: Teas containing uva ursi leaf are not for long-term daily use without medical advice. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding, or if under 12 years of age. Side Effects: Teas containing uva ursi leaf may cause nausea or vomiting in individuals and children with sensitive stomachs.
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