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Emergen-C/Coffee 36pkts

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Super Energy Booster. Instant Nutritious Coffee. America's favorite fizzing vitamin C drink mix. Hot or cold. Another High Technology Dietary Supplement from Alacer. 500mg. of Vitamin C as Mineral Ascorbates all the B Vitamins and 32 Active Mineral Complexes. A powerful Antioxidant. Just add hot or cold water. No mixing necessary! Electrolyte Balanced. Fits in a shirt pocket or purse. No calories with creamy vanilla. The single cell is the unit of life…and each of our bodies is composed of some 70 trillion of these tiny factories. So, if we can take care of them, they will take care of us. Yet the major mineral activator within the cells is potassium (K), present in healthy cells at levels 20 times those of sodium. So when you add water to the Emer'gen-C powder, it immediately effervesces to a powerful, delicious, and healthful activator of your metabolic functions, with the astounding benefit of 500mg Vitamin C as Mineral Ascorbates, Plus the B Vitamins. We are not made up, as we have always supposed, of successively enriched packets of our own parts. We are shared, rented occupied… without the mitochondria, we would not move a muscle, drum a finger, think a thought. -Dr, Lewis Thomas, Lives of a Cell. Vitamin C is essential for the formation and maintenance of connective tissue, is a powerful antioxidant, and it is involved in normal immune function., 1-800-8540249.
Take two or more packets daily, as desired. Tear packet across and downward from corner slit. Place contents in cup and add 6 to 8 oz. of hot or cold water, and cream, if desired. Stir.
Keep in a cool place. Although now stabilized for higher temperature, shelf life is longer when kept in a cool place.
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