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Gainers Fuel 2500 - Vanilla

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Gainers Fuel is helpful for gaining lean muscle mass and weight gain.

New Gainers Fuel 2500 is an advanced higher calorie super anabolic weight gain formula designed for the serious bodybuilder of competitive athlete. It is well tolerated and approved for lactose intolerant individuals. Product Highlights: Gainers Fuel 2500 is lower in fat compared to other weight gain formula. Gainers Fuel 2500 provides the highest biological quality milk and egg proteins. No lower quality proteins are present such as soy, collagen or red muscle protein complex. Gainers Fuel 2500 is higher in energizing and protein sparing carbohydrates than other weight gain formulas. Gainers Fuel 2500 contains more vitamins and minerals compared to other weight gain formulas. Gainers Fuel 2500 is enriched with branched chain amino acids (l-leucine, l-isoleucine, l-valine). These anti-catabolic amino acids can help minimize muscle protein breakdown. Gainers Fuel 2500 contains high potencies of the anabolic mineral chromium (400 mcg per serving) derived from Chronic Fuel (patented chromium picolinate patent #43159327). A recent study with weight-training athletes suggest that chromium picolinate helps to preserve muscle mass. Gainers Fuel 2500 also contains L-carnitine and Kreb's cycle mineral complexes including: citrates, aspartates, succinates and alpha-ketoglutarates. Gainers Fuel 2500 does not contain gamma oryzanol, inosine, dibercozide, glandulars, plant sterols, smilax, saw palmetto, mexican yam, etc., because no clinical studies indicate that these substances are anabolic or increase weight gain in athletes. 2500 calories per serving. Ultra anabolic weight gain formula.
Item Size
9.31 lbs. (4223gm)
Glucose Polymers and Glucose, Gainers Fuel 2500 Amino Acid Complex (consisting of milk and egg white (albumin) protein enriched with branched chain amino acids: l-leucine, l-isoleucine, l-valine and l-carnitine), Crystalline Pure Fructose, Gainers Fuel 2500 Vitamin and Mineral Complex (including chromium picolinate, boron and kreb's cycle complexes), Vanilla Flavor
Take one (1) serving of Gainer's Fuel 2500 daily in addition to regular meals. One serving per day of Gainers Fuel 2500 combined with resistive exercise or weight training promotes lean anabolic weight gain. Simply add three (3) scoops (scoop included inside each container) to 3 cups (24 oz.) of low fat milk. Stir and serve. If you want to avoid milk, you can add (3) scoops to 16 ounces of water. Stir and serve. Gainers Fuel 2000 added to water is lower in fat and calories. Gainers Fuel 2500 may also be mixed in a blender with ice for a delicious, thick, frosty milkshake.
Does Not Contain
Preservatives, Artificial Sweeteners.
Diabetics may use only under a physician's supervision because this product contains chromium picolinate which may enhance insulin sensitivity.
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